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Megaworld : Greenbelt Hamilton For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Studio + Balcony ₱ 7,500,000 28.30 Other Cuts Available
Executive Studio ₱ 13,000,000 41 Other Cuts Available
Exec Studio + Patio ₱ 7,900,000 63 Other Cuts Available
Exec 1 Bed + Balcony ₱ 17,000,000 54.50 Other Cuts Available
Exec 1 Bed + Patio ₱ 20,800,000 71 Other Cuts Available
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1
10% DP * 10% MA in 24 months
80% payable on the 25th mo.
Option 2
20% DP Less 2% discount
80% payable on the 25th mo.
Option 3
30% DP Less 5% discount
70% payable on the 25th mo.
Option 4
50% DP Less 7.5% discount
50% payable on the 25th mo.
Reservation Fee should be cleared
10% Down-payment paid should be cleared
Complete 24 Postdated Checks collected
Balance Turnover Check on the 25th month
Contract To Buy & Sell (CTBS) and other documents should be signed
Miscellaneous Fees, Transfer tax, Documentary stamp check is collected.

Property in prime locations across the greater Metro Manila does not come cheaply to most these days. But one point needs to be made in regard to accessing financing options and securing a long-term investment. While there will be professionals just starting out with minimal collateral, they do have options to rent. From there they can progress towards the flexible rent to buy account. The opportunity to purchase is always there.

It needs to be taken seriously in view of the fact that it will remain a long term investment that will always realize exponential growth for all residents. The Legaspi Village is still growing, so investment value at Greenbelt Hamilton is likely to grow along with it. Right from the outset, this article has given enough motivation on why purchasing a unit at Greenbelt will be a worthwhile investment. It began by introducing readers to its developer and the developer’s own aspirations in favor of its clients.

Unit distinctions in terms of size and room numbers were mentioned, paving the way for potential investors to weigh up their options. This was accompanied with a listing of specific features linked to the architects’ floor plans. Investors will be making a substantial contribution towards sustainable development and preserving the environment. This point was highlighted with some focus on water and power utilization.

A nice feature of this sustainability is that it never detracts from allowing residents to enjoy amenable luxuries. Luxuries and its comforts add further value to the investment. Water seems to predominate throughout when providing residents with opportunities to relax and flex their muscles in the interests of keeping themselves healthy and well. This resonates well with the evolutionary twenty first century concept of health and wellness.

This picture is not complete without lending convenience to owners and tenants in granting them extremely close access to Legaspi and Makati’s urban city and cultural amenities. From shops to restaurants to cultural gathering points, a hive of activity ensues. But when it comes to settling in for the night, residents enter their own personal havens which give them security of tenure and peace of mind unencumbered.

Finally, residing at the Greenbelt Hamilton places progress-minded residents in close proximity to the global village, also still under development and ever-expanding.

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